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Graphic Art in Fashion

Graphic Art in Fashion Graphic Art in Fashion

The second fashion exhibition titled ‘Espacementalism in Mode’ is slated for June 5 to 10 at Andisheh Cultural Center (ACC) in Tehran.

Co-organized by ACC, Iranian Working Group for Organizing Fashion and Clothing and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the event will feature over 30 outfits, by Iranian fashion designer Mohammad Salimi, and decorated with graphic arts by designer Mohammadreza Saberian.

The title, a French origin word, literally means volume-oriented and refers to adding a rare 3rd dimension to a work of art (or mind), resulting in an outcome different from conventional concepts of 2D art (painting or such). It has a specific meaning in poetry too.

The word can be traced back to the teachings of ancient philosophers, namely German Immanuel Kant, Greek Aristotle and Iranian Mulla Sadra. The emergence of the concept of space in the fashion industry is quite innovative.

The opening ceremony will host artists in different fields, including TV show presenter Mohammad Saleh Ala, filmmaker and lyric writer Abolfazl Jalili, internationally acclaimed film director Giti Khameneh, TV show presenter Fereidoun Asraei and vocalist Hojat Ashrafzadeh.

Niavaran Cultural Center was earlier host to the first edition of the show in January, when works by artists Mahyar Charmchi, Ahlam Habibollahi, Shahin Araqi, Mohammad Salimi, Hamidreza Sadri and Mohammadreza Saberian in the form of apparel design, painting, photography, poetry and music were presented.