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Louvre Pyramid ‘Disappears’

Louvre Pyramid ‘Disappears’Louvre Pyramid ‘Disappears’

The French street artist known as “JR” has made the Louvre Pyramid in Paris disappear in an optical illusion created by covering the huge glass structure with a trompe l’oeil photo installation depicting the museum that surrounds it.

The black and white installation, depicting the east side of the Napoleon courtyard, features on the front of the once-controversial pyramid designed by Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei in 1989, reported.

Tourists jostled each other Wednesday to take selfies of the Louvre without its famous glass companion structure for the first time in the digital age.

The artist has said he loves “people being destabilized” and likes that they try to find the point in the image that scales perfectly with the Louvre in the background.

JR is the pseudonym of the artist and photographer, whose identity remains unconfirmed. He appeared at the Louvre on Saturday for a day of conferences, screenings, concerts and workshops. The exposition will be on display in the Louvre courtyard until June 28.