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Mechanical Sculptures on Show

Mechanical Sculptures on ShowMechanical Sculptures on Show

A sculpture collection by young artist Ramin Jamshidi titled ‘The Timeless Time’ is currently on view at Mah Art Gallery.

The artist’s second solo show, the event features 10 mechanical sculptures, “with a sort of timelessness,” Honaronline quoted Jamshidi as saying.

“Time is a complex concept, and I’ve been striving for more than three years to understand the concept as it has so many dimensions and can be considered from different angles,” he said. The sculptures imply “the earth and buildings from an aerial view high in the sky,” he added.

In a note on the exhibition, Jamshidi said: “There are different time zones in the world. Human beings have created a mechanical existence in which they begin their day when the sun rises and end it at sundown. But they are aware that this disciplined lifestyle is the way to progress, to expand science, technology and industry; and to possibly attain a more beautiful and better future.”

Jamshidi, 27, is a student and assistant of veteran Iranian sculptor Parviz Tanavoli, and a member of Iranian Sculptors Association.

He was a winner in Gilan’s Woodwork Sculpture Competition 2012 and also participated in the Tehran Municipality’s project of turning dead trees into wooden sculptures entitled ‘Religious-2012’.

The exhibition will receive visitors through June 7 at the gallery located at No. 26, Golestan Blvd, Tehran.