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Niavaran Cultural Center to Host Big Art Expo

Niavaran Cultural Center to Host Big Art ExpoNiavaran Cultural Center to Host Big Art Expo

This year’s Grand Annual Exposition of Haft Negah Group which includes Aria, Elahe, Golestan, Mahe-Mehr, Haft Samar, and Vali Art galleries, has begun. The main aim of this year’s exposition is to boost “the financial aspect of arts by inviting public buyers at large to purchase art works.” Innovative plans have been used to demonstrate the remarkable convergence and cooperation of all galleries at the seventh expo, according to the public affairs office of Haft Negah.

Lili Golestan, spokesperson of the group said to create a complete yet diverse exhibition “we have invited seven more galleries to join the pioneering seven galleries. Hopefully this will create an opportunity to present diversified Iranian work, satisfying a vast spectrum of tastes and also further inspire galleries to work in harmony,” Honaronline quoted her as saying.

The seven galleries added this year are: Aaran, Etemad, Henna Art Gallery, Dastan’s Basement Gallery, Siin, Seyhoun, and Azad galleries.  Each of them will present the works of seven of their selected artists. Choosing and pricing of the works will be done by the corresponding gallery.

 Steady Prosperity

Showcasing refined works and offering them for prices lower than the average norms of the art circles have been the key factors bringing steady prosperity to the group in expanding and attracting buyers.

Golestan expressed hopes that eventually the slogan of ‘one piece of art per each Iranian home’ should come about, and the importance of buying original art work should further be promoted among the general public.    

With the aim to enable people from different financial backgrounds to purchase art, the price ranges will be diversified and more affordable pieces will be exhibited; the highest prices will also be announced on the opening day.

Well known works by renowned artists Sohrab Sepehri, Mohammad Ehsai, Parviz Tanavoli, Iran Darroudi, Farideh Lashai, Hannibal Alkhas, and many others will be showcased.

Also the prominent presence of young artists who have presented modern works using skillful techniques is certain to capture plenty of attention. In all 400 art works will be displayed from 350 artists.

 The opening of Haft Negah is scheduled for November 14 (Friday) at Niavaran Gallery and the exhibition will continue until November 28. The gallery will be open from 10 am to 7 pm daily and 2 pm to 7 pm on weekends. Niavaran Gallery is across Niavaran Park, Pasdaran Street, Tehran.