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Black and White Photo Exhibit

Black and White Photo ExhibitBlack and White Photo Exhibit

A solo photography exhibition by artist Romin Mohtasham opens on May 27 at Tehran’s Silk Road Gallery.

The series, titled ‘Your Reality is Merely an Illusion’, includes black and white photos portraying different scenes, described as “the artist’s visual experiences” by the Persian art magazine ‘Tandis’.

“The artist has framed the places and moments in which he has lived,” said photographer Mehdi Vosoughnia in an introductory note to the exhibition.

“The landscapes might turn from lovable into bitter and impressive through the passage of time and climate change. The pictures directly face the audience with what has been a major part of the photographer’s experiences.

Tough and cold narration of vast empty horizon with a central focus are captured via high resolution camera, reflecting the artist’s mood when he was living in and experiencing the places,” Vosoughnia said.

In addition to the possible poetical and aesthetical descriptions, the viewer might construe a philosophical concept from the items.

“Parked cars, abandoned objects, cracked ground and cement block-covered trees are among the repeated elements in the gray and silent photo backgrounds, which can be narrators of the story of life and death.”

The ruin of objects that once were being used or were living, is what can be got from the photos and also the title, which can be associated with  Albert Einstein’s quote ‘Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.’

Mohtasham, 56, has a bachelor’s degree in photography from Tehran University of Fine Arts. He has won the special prize at the 4th, 8th, 10th and 11th Biannual Photo festival of Iran.

He also bagged the gold medallion of the 56th Photo Festival of Asahi Shimbun in Japan (1996) and gold medallion of the Nature Category at the International Photo Festival of Austria (2002).

The show will conclude on June 6 at the gallery located at No. 103, West Lavasani Ave., Farmanieh neighborhood.