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Silicone Statues of Tar Players at Iranian Artists Forum

Silicone Statues of Tar Players at Iranian Artists ForumSilicone Statues of Tar Players at Iranian Artists Forum

Silicone statues of well-known Iranian tar players are currently on display at an exhibition that opened Tuesday at the Iranian Artists Forum’s Mirmiran gallery in Tehran.

Statues of the virtuosos of tar (a Persian stringed instrument), late Gholamhossein Bigjeh-Khani (1918-1987), late Jalil Shahnaz (1921-2013) and Mohammadreza Lotfi (1946-2014) are on display, IRNA reported.

“They are set on stage with classical Persian music played in the background, creating an atmosphere similar to a music concert,” said Alireza Khaghani, veteran Iranian artist who created the statues.

Silicone is commonly used in sculptures from recent times. It is easy to paint, mold and present a natural-look, as natural as human skin, with silicone.”That’s why the statues look so real.”

Khaghani has also created silicone sculptures of celebrated Iranian art and literature personalities, including Ferdowsi (940–1020), Persian poet and the author of the immortal epic Shahnameh (literally the book of kings), Simin Daneshvar (1921-2012), academic, novelist, fiction writer and translator, Mahmoud Hesabi (1903-1992), scientist, researcher and professor of University of Tehran, and Seyed Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi, mainly known by his pen name, Shahriar (1906-1988), notable Iranian poet of Azerbaijani ethnicity, displayed earlier at the IAF.

The exhibition also features Iranian classical musicians on the gallery walls. It will run through June 7 at the venue, located in Shahid Mousavi St., Ferdowsi Sq., Enqelab Avenue.