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TM’s Culture and Art Expo

TM’s Culture and Art ExpoTM’s Culture and Art Expo

The first edition of Tehran Municipality’s culture and art exhibition opened at Mellat Cineplex last week.

The event presents and introduces practices in different fields of culture and art by artists as well as groups affiliated to the TM’s Culture and Art Organization, “in order to boost interaction between talented artists and the executive bodies,” said Deputy Mayor Mahmoud Salahi, Honaronline reported.

The exhibition features over 100 creative and new works of art, Salahi said at the opening ceremony on May 16.

Cultural centers and education institutions from all districts of Tehran are presenting their works and artistic creativity.

A statue titled ‘Prophet David’s Voice’, a brilliant work by master sculptor Mohammad Sarikhani and a newly-invented string instrument, ‘Sarina’, a combination of’ setar’ and ‘shurangiz’ musical instruments by artist and musician Amir Nemati,  were unveiled on the occasion.

“In addition, some 30 contracts are to be signed with various companies and organizations that are able to implement artistic projects in urban spaces or to hold exhibitions related to art, Salehi said.

Art workshops and conferences and presentation of symbolic customs and traditions of Iran with the participation of outstanding Iranian figures of art and culture, are among the other programs at the event which wraps up on May 23.