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‘Indelible Stains’ Staged

‘Indelible Stains’ Staged‘Indelible Stains’ Staged

A two-day performance-theater titled ‘Indelible Stains’, directed by Sahand Sarhadi was staged at Tehran’s Sayeh Art Gallery over the weekend (May 19-20).

The show was a combination of theater, installation, video art and sound, the director said, adding: “The project is more of an exhibition rather than a mere performance,” Honaronline reported.

The theme was based on Iran’s contemporary history and the oil industry.

The show was a critical view of the subject, and questioned the attitude of developed countries vis-à-vis the developing oil-rich nations. “This creates a hierarchical power structure among states.”

Sarhadi said as the gallery space was not big enough to accommodate a large audience, the performance saw groups of 10 per show. “The indoor swimming pool was also used as a prop and increased the uniqueness of the performance,” he said.

Saeid Aqakhani, Shohreh Saeidi-Baqa and Esmaeil Kamali were the actors.