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3D Paintings at Saba Center

3D Paintings at Saba Center3D Paintings at Saba Center

The first group 3D painting exhibition is underway at ‘Khial-e No’ Gallery in Tehran’s Saba International Cultural and Artistic Center.

Curated by art professor Seyed Nezamoddin Emamifar, the show features 3D paintings from 17 master’s degree students of Visual Art Studies, Honaronline reports.

 The first of its kind, the exhibit is the result of students’ art practices in one of their university courses, which focuses on the relation between forms and space, said Emamifar. “All the works are presented in extra large size in order to create a closer interaction between the visitors and artworks.”

He further noted that the event is mainly aimed to promote the 3D graphic style in the commercial field and advertisement. “Generally graphic art taught in academic centers is based on aesthetic theories. We are trying to make a connection between mere art and its practical use,” he said.

Shima Aqaei, one of the participant artists said she has presented three works, two set on the wall and one on the floor. “One of the works on the wall is a dinosaur, trying to break a red door. The work creates an attractive and challenging situation for the visitors, who have the opportunity to find the right angle to blend with the painting and pose for a photo.”

The style is recently receiving notable attention from the people the world over. “The 3D style shows the third and less-seen dimension of art, and can be mesmerizing. This feature could be hugely influential in attracting potential customers to a specific product,” she said.

Ali Mohammadi-Fezabad, another artist said he has worked on two ladders, one coming up through “a black hole” on the floor, and the other from an opening in the ceiling. “Through my works, I’ve implied that human beings can move out of darkness via the ladder of knowledge, and reach the higher levels of wisdom.”

He described 3D painting as “an interactive genre of art,” which can be performed in public spaces in order for the audiences to make connection with the artwork.

Zahra Barekati-Raad, Bita Bahrami, Sarah Beigi, Marisa Habibi, Afsaneh Khezrian, Nasim Zargarzadeh, Maryam Sakizadeh, Khadijeh Sharifi and Babak Mehrparvar are among the participants.

The show will receive visitors through May 19 at the venue, located at No. 1552, Taleqani St., Vali-e Asr Avenue.