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Panahi’s ‘Mysteries’ at Harandi Gallery

Panahi’s ‘Mysteries’ at Harandi GalleryPanahi’s ‘Mysteries’ at Harandi Gallery

A drawing collection, titled ‘Mysteries’ by artist Reza Panahi is on show at Tehran’s Fasihi Harandi Art Gallery.

Over 170 drawings have been featured, among which 80 items are displayed on the gallery’s walls and the others presented in several catalogues, Honaronline quoted the artist as saying.

“The works reflect my mentality and technique. Drawing is such that the artist can picture what flows in his heart and mind and the result is a reflection of his thoughts in a framework,” Panahi said.

Drawing is a language of communication. “Besides aesthetic value, a drawing could also possess a uniqueness that originates from techniques, mood and inner thoughts of artists. My works are a combination of objective and subjective signs and pictures, which are created via different instruments.”

Explaining his style, Panahi added: “Because I’ve always been fond of the rich Iranian culture and art, my style is rooted in Persian miniature, which is replete with symbols and colors. A special feature of ancient Iranian paintings and drawings, of which I have used in my works, is the symmetrical division of shapes and forms, as a frame. In addition, the central picture is a modern realization of Iranian ancient drawing styles, via the symbolic language of art”.

Tragedy, war and chaos are the subjects of his focus. “I try to empty my mind before I start my work. This is exactly when the subconscious shows up driving the artist to picture what he has in mind. So, drawing, in my view, is less of a medium and more of a means that makes you pour yourself out, directly on paper.”

The show will receive visitors through May 27 at the gallery, located at No. 11, Mashayekhi Alley, Varasteh Avenue.

Reza Panahi, 35, graduated in art from Tehran University. His works have been exhibited at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and he has participated in the International Kunstmesse exhibition in München 2015.

The Iranian Prize for Plastic Arts, more than 20 group exhibitions around this work, and 8 solo exhibitions in Iran, Spain and Germany are on his resume.