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Video Art in Cairo, Marseille Fetes

Video Art in Cairo, Marseille FetesVideo Art in Cairo, Marseille Fetes

‘Wind & Death’, a video art by Iranian artist Mahmood Nouraei will be shown at the Cairo International Film Festival which commences on November 9 and will go on till November 18.

Video art relies on motion pictures and comprises video and/or audio data. Many A-grade film festivals around the world have added video art as a separate section in recent years, MNA reported.

‘Wind & Death’, the only participant from Iran at the Cairo festival was previously screened in ‘AVIFF Art Film Festival 2013’ in Cannes and ‘GNARL FEST 2014’ in Lincoln Performing Arts Center in the UK.

It probes a kind of simplicity in relation to complex concepts such as philosophy of death, both in regard to subject matter and form. The artwork portrays family pictures captured against the background of religious monuments. Eventually the people in the pictures fade, like dust in the wind, while the religious monuments remain unaffected, depicting eternality of religious beliefs as against people’s mortality. The minimalist video art also makes use of folkloric music based on the ancient religious ballads.

‘Wind & Death’ will also be screened in the 27th Festival Les Instants Vidéo (November 7- 11,) in Marseille where it will compete with 158 other videos from 44 countries. Videos from two other Iranian artists Neda Firouzzadeh and Azadeh Nilchian are the other participants in this festival.