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Iranian Artists at Dubai Art Gallery

Iranian Artists  at Dubai Art Gallery
Iranian Artists  at Dubai Art Gallery

Paintings by Fereydoun Ave and installations by Shaqayeq Arabi and Yasmin Sinai are on display at the Total Arts Gallery in Dubai.

The exhibition named ‘Roots’ was launched on November 3 and will be open to the public till December 4, honaronline reported.

Studying graphics in Al Zahra University, Arabi, born in 1974, specializes in abstract painting.

Born in 1945, Ave is a graduate of arts from Arizona State University. He has held several exhibitions in and out of the country.

“The root of all my paintings is in nature - sky, earth, clouds and even meteoroids. Every time I paint a subject, every element on my canvas can be traced to something in nature and their presence proves that I am not an abstract painter. Of course in some of my works, where everything including forms and figures become more condensed, a silhouette of pure abstraction crystallizes,” Ave expresses about his works.

Daughter of the well-known director Khosrow Sinai, Yasmin Sinai is an Iranian sculptress born in 1969. Although she studied Graphic Design in Tehran Al Zahra University, for the last 10 years, she has been working on sculptures.

 Mythical Bird

In her project ‘Simorgh’ (the mythical flying creature, prevalent in Iranian art and mysticism), Sinai invites her participants to each create a unique mythical bird of their own from discarded paper but also bring about a collective art project. At the end of the project the birds will be displayed collectively and as an installation piece.

The installation will reflect the story of ‘The Conference of the Birds’, but also the bigger theme of migration and its effects “on each of our modern day life journeys.” With use of discarded paper as medium, Sinai emphasizes the relevance of environmental issues.

Total Arts is one of the galleries operating from Courtyard, which has been in operation since 1996. It exhibits works of art from a variety of cultures and continents. However, as it is located in Dubai, it specializes in artists and art influenced by the culture of the Middle East.