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Pulse of Life in Zayandehrud

Pulse of Life  in Zayandehrud Pulse of Life  in Zayandehrud

After getting a rejuvenating shot from a sister dam of the same name, the parched Zayandehrud River is now back to life, flowing once more. The landmark release of water took place on November 3.

The initiative is based on the decision made by the High Council of Water to release water into the river in two phases.

Due to the overuse of its water, Zayandehrud had lost between 400 million and 600 million cubic meters of water.

With water gushing forward, the memorable landscape of Siosepol –or 33 bridges under which the Zayandehrud flows were revived in the city of Isfahan, with jubilant crowds watching the river swell.

The water deputy at the ministry of energy said the recent rainfall has also helped raise the water levels. Rahim Meydani quoted by IRNA said ''if the rainfall continues in the current year, we will release water into the river in summer of 2015 too.'' He added that 195 million cubic meters of water storage was in Zayandehrud dam at the end of summer 2013 but through ''coordinated efforts,'' the reservoir is now 417million cubic meters. ''Much of the water is used for delivery to farmers,'' said Meydani.

He said the water surplus was largely because of their conservation plans and pledged not to prevent any future overuse of the dam's reservoir so it can be used to keep the Zayandehrud flowing.