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Grandmas to Sing With Kids

Grandmas to Sing With KidsGrandmas to Sing With Kids

Bell Music Group which works in the field of children’s music will have a concert at Tehran’s Rudaki Hall on May 27, in which a group of grandmothers will accompany the child performers in choral singing.

Conductor and leader of the group Sajjad Tanha said that the upcoming event will show just a part of creative pieces made for children and young adults. “They are based on Iranian melodies or folk music, produced in a new form to suit kids,” ISNA quoted him as saying.

Tanha has made two new simple percussion instruments for children which will be used in the concert for the first time. “One is designed for children 2 to 4 years old and the other for kids up to 7 years,” he said.

A total of 30 children will perform on stage while the music will be played mostly by adult instrumentalists. In one of the pieces, the children’s grandmothers will also sing along with them.