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Iran-US Expo in Jan 2017

Iran-US Expo in Jan 2017Iran-US Expo in Jan 2017

The first exhibition for ‘Synergy and Empowerment in the Field of Economy, Social and Culture’ between Iran and the US is to be held on January 6-8 next year, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The IRUS (Iran-US) expo will introduce Iran’s great potential in culture and art from an economic perspective, and prepare the grounds for its qualitative extension, IRNA reported.

Besides, an exhibition covering Iran’s cinema, theater, music and literature will be held to provide more information about art fields in the country.

Executive director of the exhibition Fariba Arab said: “During the event, several Iranian movies will be screened in the presence of the production team. In addition, different art performances will be shown.”

This will give visitors the opportunity of direct interaction and get familiar with Iran’s culture and the arts, she said.

Book publication, foodstuff, travelling and tourism, handicrafts and cultural heritage are among the areas to be covered by the expo.

Besides artists, business groups for the first time will also take part and present Iranian technical capabilities in the field of trade, business, technology, manufacturing and other services.

Arab said that according to unofficial figures, about 2 million Iranian expatriates live in North America and a huge number of Americans love Iranian culture. Tehran and Washington have not had diplomatic ties for nearly four decades.

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