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Festival of University Theater

Festival of University TheaterFestival of University Theater

The 19th edition of Iran International Festival of University Theater (IIFUT) will open on May 14.

It will focus on the quality of works and also provide “a suitable ground for training theater students, besides production,” Honaronline quoted Reza Basirzadeh, festival secretary and theater expert, as saying.

Several categories including international performances, professional conferences and workshops, have been organized.

In the performances, “physics-based simulations of characters and personage performances will be highlighted,” he said. The submitted works should be both minimal and of high quality, to be accepted.

This year’s edition will host 3 shows from Britain, one each from Iceland and France and a joint Iran-Italy production.

“The workshops and the performances will have to complement each other in order to fulfill the aim of festival,” Basirzadeh said, adding that the masters in the field, who are invited to hold the workshops, will introduce their work styles for the students during the sessions.

Theater director and playwrights Nasim Soleimanpour and Maryam Karoubi have accepted invitation to train students at the workshops.

The veteran French theater artist and choreographer, Jerome Bel, Italian theater director and playwright Romeo Castellucci, and masters from Britain and Spain will also join the team.

Young artists will have opportunities to interact with the international experts and actors. “This is an opportunity for them to be seen and introduced at the national and international level, if their performances are approbated by the international jury.”

University theater has potential to flourish and for talented students to be introduced to the international stage, if they receive support from the relevant organizations, Basirzadeh said.