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Birthdays of Veteran Artists Celebrated

Birthdays of Veteran Artists CelebratedBirthdays of Veteran Artists Celebrated

The Institute of Veteran Artists (IVA) honored master artists in various fields whose birthdays fall in the months of spring, at Tehran’s Enqelab Hotel on Sunday (May 9).

Artists and experts in cinema, theater, TV, music, visual arts and literature, were present at the ceremony, ISNA reported.

TV and cinema actor Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, drama and theater director Pari Saberi, cinema and theater actor and playwright Mahmoud Azizi, cinema and theater actor Enayat Bakhshi, cinema actor Iraj Raad, poet Mohammad Ali Bahmani, cinema and theater actor and director Hadi Marzban and playwright, theater director and actor Esmaeil Khalaj, were among those whose birthdays were celebrated.

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati, who opened the ceremony said, “The veteran artists are a valuable cultural asset for the country, with each contributing a lifetime of experience. They have spent a life to serve Iran’s art and culture, and can be a great influence in the society by transferring their knowledge.”

He said the birthday ceremonies will be held every season. “Frequent gathering among veteran artists contributes to policymaking for training enthusiastic youngsters.”

He also promised that the ministry, Management and Planning Organization and Honar (Art) Credit Fund would provide artists with more facilities and financial aid if they want.

Jannati suggested holding the ceremonies on a monthly basis in various regions of the country provided sufficient financial support is received. “Narration of useful and impressive experiences and memories by veterans will help the amateurs to find their path in the field.”

Two books ‘Unmasked’ by Khosrow Hakim-Rabet and ‘Analytical overview of the play ‘Death of a Salesman’’ by Vali Shirandami, published by Namayesh publishing house with the support of IVA, were unveiled.

Hossein Noushabadi, spokesperson of the Culture Ministry,  Mostafa Kavakebian, newly-elected lawmaker, Ahmad Masjed-Jamei, a member of Tehran City Council and Mahmoud Doaei, managing editor of the Persian newspaper Ettelaat, one of Iran’s oldest newspapers, were present.

The ceremony ended with the artists receiving commendation plaques from the IVA and cutting the birthday cake.