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Iraqi Sculptor Hails Iranian Art

Iraqi Sculptor  Hails Iranian Art  Iraqi Sculptor  Hails Iranian Art

Iraqi sculptor Ali-Jabbar Hussain has praised Iranian sculpting and said it has made significant advances in the last decade.

Ali-Jabbar Hussain is an Iraqi-born artist presently living in Denmark. Besides making sculptures, he is an avid painter and graphic designer. He has participated in several international sculpting symposiums and exhibitions around the world. Hussian is a keen observer of Iranian works and has been in close contact with local artists. In comments made in an interview earlier with honaronline, he described Iranian sculpting as ‘’highly progressive.”


He expressed hope that Iranian art would act as a new gateway to the world. ‘’Compared to what I saw on my last visit seven years ago, Iranian sculptors have made great strides.’’ Hussain, who attended a symposium on sculpting in Tehran, described it “as one of high standards.” The atmosphere was also conducive to art, “with the exception of the location used for stone sculpture.”


Hussein noted the freedom enjoyed by artists to employ their desired techniques. Explaining his works, he said his sculpture was in the shape of a Sumerian home built with bundles of reeds. He made use of a variety of styles in his work-both modern and classical or a blend of both, he said.

Born in 1963 in Iraq, he migrated to Denmark in 1992. He became interested in sculpting from an early age, making figurines with dough when he was barely 5 years old. He later entered the University of Fine Arts in Baghdad to study painting. He taught himself sculpting and became a serious sculptor after his first work was displayed in a symposium in Lebanon in 2000.