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Iranian Woman Karateka in KWC Final

Iranian Woman Karateka in KWC FinalIranian Woman Karateka in KWC Final

Iranian karateka Hamide Abbasali has reached the final in the international tournament of Karate World Championship (KWC).

Winning a precious gold medal in the Asian Games less than two months ago, Abbasali did a great job in her first appearance at the world championship, beating all her rivals, to reach the final. This is the first time a woman from Iran has reached this level.

In the 22nd KWC Bremen 2014 in Germany, Abbasali, in the +68kg category, defeated her Hungarian rival in the semifinal Wednesday night to become the finalist, MNA reported.

After resting in the first round, she gained a 3-0 victory over her rival from Belarus in the second round. To reach the quarter final, she defeated her Spanish rival 1-0. In the next round she won over her opponent from the Netherlands and advanced to the semifinal.

She is to compete with an Egyptian karateka in the final game for gold medal on Saturday evening.

The 22nd Karate World Championship started on November 5 with 887 karatekas participating from 116 countries in Bremen, Germany. It concludes on November 9.