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Where Is the Wind’s Abode?

Where Is the Wind’s Abode?Where Is the Wind’s Abode?

The wind weighed on her/Like debris of a building,

My poor little tree/Was in love with the wind/ the wandering wind

Where Is the Wind’s Abode? / Where Is the Wind’s Abode?

The above lines are excerpts from a poem written by Forugh Farrokhzad, the renowned female Iranian poet. This poem, along with eight other Forugh’s poems is recited by the Iranian artist Elham Pavehnejad in her new music album titled ‘Where Is the Wind’s Abode?’

The album was recently introduced at an unveiling ceremony attended by many personalities from the art and cultural sphere including poets, authors, filmmakers, musicians and photographers.

The music for the album has been composed by accomplished musician Peyman Khazeni who described it as a “distinctive and unprecedented work of art based on Forugh’s poetry.” Khazeni has composed music for many well known Iranian singers.

Forugh Farrokhzad (1935-1967) is arguably one of Iran’s most influential female poets of the twentieth century. She was a controversial modernist poet and an iconoclast. Farrokhzad died in a car accident at age thirty-two.

 Dedicated to Women

Pavehnejad, who has recited the poems for the album, is an Iranian theater and television actress who has acted in many well-known television series.

She described the poems selected for the album as “visual and dramatic.” The recitation and music together can visualize the poems and at times even create a theatrical narrative, she said.

She concluded her speech with these words: “With all the longing and agony that is buried in this work of art, I dedicate it to women of yesterday, today and tomorrow, my mothers, sisters and daughters.”