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Photography Frames at Mojdeh

Photography Frames at MojdehPhotography Frames at Mojdeh

The newest photo collection by Iranian artist Soroosh Milanizadeh will open to the public at Tehran’s Mojdeh Art Gallery on May 6.

It includes 10 stage photography frames, inspired by 10 renowned western paintings, Honaronline quoted the artist as saying.

The original paintings are from among 611 selected works, Milanizadeh said. The paintings are by well-known artists. “Each painting has a story behind it and all the characters that figure, real identities.”

The artist has conveyed his message through photos, “which are conceptually changed versions of the original paintings.”

Milanizadeh said: “I used to paint earlier, but gradually moved to photography, yet my love for painting is intact.”

The main elements in the original paintings, such as colors, forms, compositions and lightings are preserved in the photos, he said. “The medium has changed from the paintings to real objects and characters.”

Although the photos are taken from historical events pictured in the paintings, they do not necessarily point to a specific event and can be applied to any other period in time. “I’ve tried to draw a parallel between special historical events with what happens in everyday life today.”

Soroush Milanizadeh, 37, studied Art at the University of Art and Architecture in Tehran. He has not just used photography, but also movies, video arts and performances to express his feelings and thoughts. Directing the performance ‘Woman-Dream-Nightmare’ and the photo series ‘Renaissance, Out of the Frame’ and ‘Eve’s Desire’ are among his works.

Milanizadeh has held more than 18 painting, photography and video art group exhibitions. Design and theater lighting, theater photography, cinema and television, teaching photography and lighting, directing and managing various art projects, are among some of his activities.

The exhibition will run through May 20 at the venue, located at No. 27, 18th Eastern St., North Allameh Ave. in Sa’adatabad.