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Taiwan to Host ‘Timeloss’

Taiwan to Host ‘Timeloss’Taiwan to Host ‘Timeloss’

The Iranian play ‘Timeloss’ directed by Amir-Reza Koohestani will go on stage in Taipei, Taiwan, in November.

Presented by the Mehr Theater Group, ‘Timeloss’ has previously been performed in Iran, Lebanon, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the US since its production in 2013, Mehr News Agency reported.

The story is about a couple who loved each other a decade ago. Both actors, they are reunited in a dubbing room while recording a dialogue that they hadenacted a decade earlier in another play,  an argument repeated so many times that they know it by heart.

She (Mahin Sadri) is cool to the man she once cherished and unwilling even to turn her head to look at him. He (Hassan Majooni) is even unable to recall why they broke up and unwilling to believe she would not want him anymore.

Director Koohestani, 38, took courses in directing and cinematography in 1995. After a brief experience as performer, he devoted his time to writing plays. 

Most of his plays have received critical acclaim both locally and internationally, including ‘The Murmuring Tales’ (2000), ‘Dance on Glasses’ (2001), ‘Where Were You on January 8?’ (2009), ‘Ivanov’ (2011), ‘The Fourth Wall’ (2012) and ‘Hearing’ (2015).

In cooperation with the filmmaker Mani Haghighi, he wrote the screenplay for the movie ‘Modest Reception’, which won the Netpac Award at the Berlinale in 2012.