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Narration and Fantasia on Canvas

Narration and Fantasia on CanvasNarration and Fantasia on Canvas

A solo exhibition by Iranian artist Hadi Alijani opened on Friday (April 22) at Aaran Art Gallery in Tehran.

Alijani’s paintings communicate an important message demonstrating the complex task of an artist in maximizing the application of various aspects of the language of painting, the Persian art magazine ‘Tandis’ reported.

He has used the limited resources of language to “achieve composition, coordination between the narration and fantasia, form and ornaments.”

“Art at all times has struggled to illustrate the subject, whether narrative or not, but the other aim has been to demonstrate the challenge of artists with the concept of beauty,” Alijani said.

 The concept of beauty is far beyond observing visual rules and conventions that are limited to a set of principles. Beauty is about recognizing and forming a set of disciplines, relationships or ideas, he said.

A part of what the artist attempts is to contemplate purposefully on how best to attract and fascinate the viewer and hold their attention.

In the series, within the framework of a narrative and visual fantasia, Alijani exhibits his mental and physical challenges. The detailed background, human beings and animals in his paintings are indicators of his scrutiny and efforts to merge cubist shapes with forms adapted from Persian painting.

“His paintings depict a unique world of fantasy and beauty, representing the serious challenges of the artist in creating his own language and dictum on the subject of beauty,” said veteran Iranian artist and painter Behran Samadzadegan, describing Alijani’s artworks.

Hadi Alijani, 29, is a BA graduate in painting from Shahed University of Tehran. He started his professional career in 2009 and has participated in several art events such as ‘The Virtual and the Real Tehran’ group exhibition, the 1st and 2nd annual of Iranian Artists Forum, and ‘New Generation’ (group exhibition in Homa art gallery, Tehran).

He has also held two other solo exhibitions titled ‘It’s Still Daytime in the Sky’ (2012) and ‘Today, I Saw the Sun’ (2014).  Two of his artworks are in the collection of the German Lepsien art foundation.

The exhibition will run until May 13 at the gallery, located at No. 12, Dey St., North Kheradmand Avenue.