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Memorial Concert for Late Mohammadreza Lotfi

Memorial Concert for Late Mohammadreza LotfiMemorial Concert for Late Mohammadreza Lotfi

On the 2nd death anniversary of renowned Persian classical music maestro Mohammadreza Lotfi, several members of the ‘Sheida’ Music group will stage a concert on April 28.

A number of Lotfi’s students and fans, and veteran musicians will attend the event at Fakhreddin As’ad Gorgani Hall, located in Lotfi’s hometown Gorgan, the capital of Golestan Province, IRNA reported.

The band will perform several pieces composed by the late artist, accompanied by vocalist Amir Asna-Ashari. ‘Kamancheh’ player Sina Danesh and Farima Movafaqi, ‘tar’ player Sanaz Sattarzadeh, ‘setar’ player Sepideh Moshki, ‘rebab’ player Pouya Leqaei, ‘ney’ player Houshmand Ebadi and ‘tonbak’ player Mahour lotfi are members of the group.

Acclaimed composers and musicians will deliver speeches on the technical features of Lotfi’s repertoires.

Apart from his mastery in ‘tar’ and ‘setar’ (stringed instruments), Lotfi (1947-2014) was a music composer, vocalist, researcher and teacher. In 1971 he established Chavoush Culture and Art Center. Houshang Ebtehaj, a prominent Persian poet, was one of his major supporters in developing the center.

Among his numerous albums, the best known are ‘Love Knows’, ‘Sepideh’ (dawn), ‘Bidad’, and ‘Bal-dar-Bal’ (Wing in Wing).

Co-founding of the Sheida Music Group, artistic collaboration with Mahmoud Dolatabadi, renowned Persian author and the late Ali Hatami, celebrated film director, and publication of the Sheida Year Book, are among his achievements.

Lotfi established the Mirza Abdollah Music School in 1993 for classical music enthusiasts of ‘radif’ a collection of old melodic figures preserved through many generations by oral tradition. This traditional repertoire forms the essence of Persian musical culture that has been handed down by the masters to the students through the generations.