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Woody Allen’s ‘Death’ on Stage

Woody Allen’s ‘Death’ on StageWoody Allen’s ‘Death’ on Stage

The play ‘Death’ directed by Nima Zaker is currently underway at Bazigah theater hall in Tehran.

Written in 1975 by Woody Allen, American actor, comedian, filmmaker, and playwright, the play is about a maniacal killer who is at large. A meek salesman who goes by the name of Kleinman is caught between conflicting factions with plans on how to catch the killer. Kleinman, a logical man in a mad world, is indecisive and insecure; he doesn’t want to get involved but everyone is after him to make a choice. He is even accused of being the culprit. When Kleinman confronts the maniac (who looks no different from anyone else), he is stabbed. Everyone rushes off to pursue the still elusive killer.

“In choosing the script, I always consider the author’s biography. So I chose ‘Death’ because its main character has a close similarity with Allen,” Honaronline quoted Zaker as saying.

Plays that are over staged “is not my priority,” said Zaker, adding that he decided to work on ‘Death’, when he found that the play was last staged at Tehran City Theater 20 years ago.

“I made some changes to the play bringing it in line with modern times. In addition, several characters were omitted due to the limited equipment provided at the hall. Yet, the comic atmosphere and characterization is preserved.”

Zaker is also in the cast along with Mojgan Jafari, Mehdi Bigdeli, Behzad Khan-Mohammadi, Mostafa Rahnama, Morvarid Amani and Parisa Khosravi.

The 60-minute play will run through May 6 at the hall, located on 4th floor, No 12, Mortezazadeh St., Kabkanian Ave., Keshavarz Bldv, Vali-e Asr Square.