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Discovering Cyrus the Persian Conqueror

Discovering Cyrus the Persian ConquerorDiscovering Cyrus the Persian Conqueror

“The book on the life of Cyrus the Great- the famed sixth century B.C. Persian conqueror and founder of the Achaemenid Empire- is nearing completion,” IRNA quoted the translator Abbas Mokhber as saying.

Mokhber who has been working on the book’s translation for nearly a year said “it is in its final stages and will be handed over to the publishing company in a week’s time.”

The book “Discovering Cyrus: The Persian Conqueror Astride the Ancient World,” written by American-Iranian author Reza Zarghamee in English was published in 2013 and is regarded by many researchers as “ the most comprehensive study to date of the life and times of Cyrus the Great,” Mokhber said.

 Comprehensive Portrait

A lot of truths and lies that are told about Cyrus have been investigated in this book. In his vast sweep, Zarghamee draws on as much as 1300 sources including Greek literary sources and Cuneiform documents to assemble details of Cyrus’s life. Separating history from myth about Cyrus, he presents a comprehensive portrait of his character which distinguishes him from other rulers of his time like Assyrians and Babylonians, Mokhber added.

In his book, Zarghamee describes the background of the Persian people, the turbulence of the times, and the roots of Cyrus’ policies. His account of the imperial era itself delves into religion, military methods, commerce, court life, and much else.

Richard Frye, Professor Emeritus of Iranian Studies at Harvard University considered the book as “the most definitive study not just on Cyrus, but on the beginnings of Iran and the Achaemenid Empire.”

The 750-page book is scheduled to be published by Markaz Publications.