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Zahedi’s ‘Toy Story 2’ in Dubai

Zahedi’s ‘Toy Story 2’ in DubaiZahedi’s ‘Toy Story 2’ in Dubai

A solo exhibition, titled ‘Toy Story 2’, by Iranian artist Morteza Zahedi is underway at XVA Art Gallery in Dubai.

The collection continues the exploration of materials and themes introduced in his 2012 exhibition ‘Toy Story 1’, the Persian art magazine ‘Tandis’ reported.

The exhibition comprises a variety of mediums including a large number of works on paper and bronze and acrylic sculptures and installations.

Zahedi evokes memories of early childhood by repurposing the items from that period of life, reusing the surplus, the rubbish and the forgotten, and transforming them into raw material for artwork that is both conceptual and beautiful.

Many of the objects have a reminiscent quality, which helps identify how they may have been effective at a certain time in the past.

“The thing that gives a child hope is something that brings joy, such as toys; this is particularly in focus now, at a time when thousands of children are being displaced the world over due to wars and conflicts,” said the artist.

Being an award winning children’s illustrator, Zahedi understands that the most complex issues can be communicated through simplicity. His work delivers a straightforward message. It touches one’s most innocent, childish self.

Morteza Zahedi, 38, lives and works in Tehran as painter, illustrator and sculptor. He is a graduate of graphics and holds a bachelor’s degree in painting from Tehran’s Art and Architecture College. His solo exhibitions have been held in many countries. Zahedi has also illustrated several children’s books that have been translated in more than five languages.

His illustrations were exhibited in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2009 at the Bologna Book Fair.

Toy Story 2 opened on March 13, coinciding with the 6th edition of Sikka Art fair, an integral part of Dubai Art Season, and will run until April 27.