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Water Crisis in Work of Art

Water Crisis in Work of ArtWater Crisis in Work of Art

A group painting exhibition, titled ‘Blue Gold’, highlighting the global water crisis as well as the consecutive years of drought in Iran, will open on Friday (April 22) at Tehran’s Etemad Gallery.

Veteran artists Mohsen Vaziri-Moqaddam, Aydin Aghdashlou, Ali Faramarzi and Khosrow Hassanzadeh will display their paintings, sculptures and video art at the gallery, Honaronline reported.

Exhibition curator, Leila Varasteh, said Iranians must understand and be aware of the critical water shortage in the country. “Unfortunately, we see the rivers and lakes drying up. It is time to start conserving water, because tomorrow, when the water resources are fully depleted, it will be too late for regret.”

Varasteh and Vida Zaeim, co-curator, who have held two art shows ‘Peace’ and ‘Black Gold’ in Tehran and London earlier, said in an introduction to the exhibition: “Today, Iranians are realizing from the warning signs of climate change that their destiny lies not so much in ‘Black Gold’ (oil), but in the blue gold (water). Here, artists are gathered to present through an artistic display the water tragedy spreading through the country.”

Faramarzi, one of the participating artists, has long focused on environmental issues in his works; a trend highlighted in his paintings that attract audiences both in the country and abroad. He has recently joined the International Copyright Institute, registering his artworks.

The exhibition will run through May 10 at the venue located at No.4, Boukan St., Sadeqi-e-Qomi St., Yaser Sq., Niavaran Avenue.