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Fajr Film Festival Opens

Fajr Film Festival OpensFajr Film Festival Opens

The most important cinematic event in the country, Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) opens today, (April 20), at Charsou Cineplex in downtown Tehran.

The 34th edition organized with a new approach has been turned into a special event for a specific group of audiences, namely those who follow professional cinema including, cineastes, cinema students and genuine film enthusiasts.

Another change is holding the festival in the heart of the city, in a place where international guests can get an opportunity to explore the city. “This would have been difficult if they were to reside uptown,” said Jafar Sanei Moghaddam, the festival manager.

With over 300 foreign guests including festival managers, movie directors and producers and film distributors, the event seeks to benefit in the best possible manner from the experience of foreign invitees and help improve the local cinema industry.

Launching without the usual formalities of an opening ceremony, the festival starts film screenings from 10 am at five cinema halls in the complex and will run through midnight every day till April 25 when the winners of different sections will be awarded at the closing ceremony.

As the authenticity and value of a high-level international film festival is about the number of world premieres, this year nine films will experience their first-time screening and 14 films will have their premiere Asian screening as well.

According to the Public Relations Office of the festival, six films including ‘Farmers’ and ‘Solomon’from Georgia, ‘I am a Teacher’ (Russia), ‘Habib Al Ard’ (Kuwait), ‘The Martyr’ (Iraq), ‘The Seed’ (Greece), ‘Imaginary Border’ (Australia), ‘Turn Around’ (the UK) and ‘Switch Man’ (Taiwan) will have their World Premiere in the FIFF.

Besides, ‘El Clasico’ (Iraq, Norway), ‘Amama: When a Tree Falls’ (Spain), ‘Dawn’ (Latvia, Estonia, Poland), ‘Guarani’ (Argentina, Paraguay), ‘Norfolk’ (the UK), ‘Waves’(Ireland), ‘The Kid and the Sea’ (Venezuela), ‘Epitaph’ (Mexico), ‘The Visitor’ (Turkey, Germany), ‘Film Adventurer Karel Zeman’ (Czech Republic), ‘Roshmia’ (Palestine, Qatar, Lebanon, Syria, Tanzania), ‘Deadlock (Armenia) and ‘The Fear’ (France, Canada)will be screened in Asia for the first time.

‘Bloody January’ from Azerbaijan will also have its first international screening.