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Iranian Play Goes to Germany

Iranian Play Goes to GermanyIranian Play Goes to Germany

A Persian version of a play ‘The Man Outside’ will be staged in Karlsruhe, Germany on April 21.

Directed by Iman Eskandari, the Iranian troupe has been invited by German Starz Theater Company for the performance, IRNA reports.

Written in 1946 by the German author and playwright Wolfgang Borchert (1921-1947), the story (Drausen vor der Tür in German), describes the hopelessness of a post-war soldier called Beckmann who returns from Russia to find that he has lost his wife and his home, as well as his illusions and beliefs.

He finds every door he comes to closed. Even the Elbe River rejects his suicide, washing him up on shore. The play ends with what can be assumed to be Beckmann’s death.

The play consists of five scenes in one act. It makes use of expressionist forms and Brechtian techniques, such as estrangement effect to disorient and engage its audience.

The play was first staged in Tehran in 2014 at Hafez Theater. It won prizes for the best actor, the best stage design, the best apparel design and the special prize at the 33rd Fajr International Theater Festival.

The cast comprises Toumaj Danesh-Behzadi, Zargar Khateri, Pouria Soltanzadeh, Hamed Soltani, Mahtab Jourabchi, Naeimeh Dousti, Alireza Qanbari and Marjan Naderzadeh.

The troupe plans to stage the play in Iran this summer.