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Museum of Dolls in Natanz

Museum of Dolls in NatanzMuseum of Dolls in Natanz

A museum of local handmade dolls opened in the small town of Natanz, Isfahan Province on April 15.

The ‘Rahgoshay’ museum, named after its founder Dr. Mohammad Rahgoshay, has 34 dollhouses in which over 150 handmade dolls are displayed, IRNA reported.

Rahgoshay is a veteran geologist who has always shown interest in and concern over the maintenance and preservation of Iran’s historical buildings and cultural heritage.

“That is why I restored my family home in 1993 and turned it to a home museum,” he said.

The place holds antique and priceless objects, besides the new doll collection made of different materials, including fabric, cotton and wood. All the exhibited dolls have an identity and are registered in a catalogue.

“The dolls epitomize real characters and represent different professions common in the city,” Rahgoshay said.

The collection is a reminder of the local customs, traditions and professions and aims to contribute and preserve Iran’s valuable heritage. All the materials used in the dolls are natural and environment-friendly stuff with the aim to help protect the environment.

Additionally, doll making can provide a second job and supplementary income for poor families, he noted.