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Tjeknavorian’s Music on Canvas

Tjeknavorian’s Music on CanvasTjeknavorian’s Music on Canvas

A painting exhibition by the well-known Iranian-Armenian conductor Loris Haykasi Tjeknavorian opens today (April 18) in Momayez Gallery at Iranian Artists’ Forum (IAF).

Titled ‘Music on Canvas’, the display features 50 acrylic paintings on canvas, Honaronline quoted the artist as saying at a press conference earlier at the IAF.

In addition, a biography video clip on the artist and his contribution to different art branches will also be on display.

“After my solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and Shirin Gallery in Tehran, this is the third time my works are being featured,” Tjeknavorian said.

He has spent most of his professional life on music and his fans and friends found the drastic change over from music to paintings rather strange. “It first triggered my mind about 10 years ago, whether I can realize music through colors. I see each color as an instrument and create a symphony, by ‘hearing and feeling’ the hues.”

Musical signs are the most frequent element in the paintings. “Music is an endless world heard only through the performance of the compositions. Yet, paintings can be seen and examined as soon as they are complete.”  

A part of the exhibition will show the posters of his performances with well-known world orchestras.

Tjeknavorian, 79, is one of the leading conductors of his generation. He has led international orchestras in Austria, the UK, US, Canada, Hungary, Finland, Armenia, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Africa and Denmark, besides Iran.

He leads ensembles mostly as guest conductor, because “I don’t like to limit myself to a certain framework. The most important thing for me is freedom, without which, my creativity can’t flourish.”

From 2009 to date, Tjeknavorian has devoted his time to painting and writing short stories, besides composing music.  

The exhibition will run through April 24 at the gallery, located on the southern side of Honar Garden, North Mousavi St., Taleqani Ave., Tehran.