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Human Emotions in Portraits

Human Emotions in PortraitsHuman Emotions in Portraits

A solo exhibition by Iranian photographer Ali Sabouki is underway at Tehran Seyhoun Gallery.

The exhibit includes 19 portraits in three editions and is a selection of the artist’s works created from 2012 to 2015, Honaronline reports.

“I’m interested in exploring human emotional dimensions and believe that the human face reveals all feelings,” Sabouki said, explaining his point of view in the artworks.

Human face is the main subject of the artworks, which in the artist’s words, “has so much to say.” He investigates the faces in order to find their inner truth. “People’s appearances can reflect what goes on in their heart.”

Models have been used for some of the portraits and “the special makeup used is symbolic to convey a special message.”

The eastern identity is significant for Sabouki, as featured in the henna tattoos, special fabric designs and “even the moods on the portraits.”

The artist has mostly used female models for his works. “I don’t give a mere figurative picture of a woman; I seek to venerate their nature as they epitomize creation and fertility.”

He further said he uses women as a representation of the human being in general. “The photos go beyond gender.”

Besides the photos, a video art introduces the artist’s works and background.

Sabouki, 30, discovered his passion for photography and art early in childhood.

He has studied set design at the Tehran University of Arts and has also worked as a designer in cinema and theater. Although photography is his main medium, he also practices with other media such as music, sculpture and performance.

The exhibition will run through April 20 at the gallery located at No. 24, Sinaei Alley, Keyhan St., Moqaddas Ardebili Ave., Tehran.