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‘It’s Time to Sleep’ in Int’l Fests

‘It’s Time to Sleep’ in Int’l Fests‘It’s Time to Sleep’ in Int’l Fests

Iranian animation ‘It’s Time to Sleep’, written and directed by Mahnaz Yazdani will be screened at two upcoming international events, the 4th edition of Louisiana Film Festival and Mentorship Program, slated from April 13-17 in Los Angles and the 7th International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival Varazdin  (VAFI) in Croatia (April 19-24).

A production of Saba Animation Center, the 6-minute 2D work will compete with other animations by skilled filmmakers, including ‘I’m Scared’, ‘The Alligator, the Monkey and the Bat’, ‘Golden Shot’, ‘Waves from the Sky’, and ‘Wildfire,’ in the Official International Animated Short Film Selections section of the Louisiana event on Friday (April 15), Mehr News Agency reported.

‘It’s Time to Sleep’ casts a fantasy look on children’s world of dreams, with characters such as wraps and pillows, who try to make the main character (a baby girl) fall asleep. However, the playfulness of the girl creates exciting moments.

Orchestral music by outstanding Iranian composer Samin Baghcheban (1925-2007) has been used in the animation which took 15 months to complete.

The Louisiana International Film Festival (LIFF) was created to promote the Louisiana film industry’s growth along with its international reputation as an artistic and cultural force in the global market. LIFF aims to provide an interactive forum for filmmakers and musicians from around the globe.

According to VAFI’s official website, the event was founded to make Varazdin and Croatia a place where children and youth and professionals meet; a place where all animation lovers will be able to exchange their experience and make new friendships beyond their own states.