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‘Gulistan’ Audio Version Set for Release

‘Gulistan’ Audio Version Set for Release‘Gulistan’ Audio Version Set for Release

The audio version of the Persian masterpiece, ‘Gulistan’ (literally rose garden), an influential work of prose written in 1258 AD by the renowned Persian poet Saadi of Shiraz, will be unveiled at a ceremony on April 13 at the Avicenna Cultural Center in Tehran.

A production of ‘Novin Ketab’ institution, the audio book is a complete version and includes the introductory section and 8 chapters. It runs for 600 minutes or 10 hours, Mehr News Agency reported.

The ceremony will be attended by men of letters and prominent literature scholars. Local musicians will present music performances when excerpts from the audio book will be played. Distinguished master of Persian literature and renowned Iranologist, Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi, will deliver a speech.

The audio includes renditions by Persian vocalist Mehdi Shirazian with anecdotes narrated by musician Ehsan Cheriki and poems read by actress Elham Nami.

Gulistan is one of two major works by Saadi, considered one of the greatest medieval Persian poets. It is also one of his most popular books that have been deeply influential in the East and West. The book is a collection of poems and stories and widely quoted as a source of wisdom.

The minimalist plots of Gulistan’s stories are expressed with precise language and psychological insight, creating ‘poetry of ideas’ with the concision of mathematical formulas. The book explores virtually every major issue faced by humankind, with both an optimistic and a subtly satirical tone.