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Actress Soraya Hekmat Dies

Actress Soraya Hekmat DiesActress Soraya Hekmat Dies

Veteran actress Azar Mehdi-Qolikhani, known with her artistic name Soraya Hekmat, passed away on Friday, April 8 in a hospital in Tehran at the age of 63.

She was earlier hospitalized due to drug problems. After some improvement she was again moved to the hospital on April 4, due to paroxysm and cerebral thrombosis, causing her to fall into a coma, ISNA reported.

She has had no artistic activity for more than a decade and was grappling with financial difficulties, he daughter Mona Mojtahedi said.

Born in Khoy, a county in West Azerbaijan Province in Iran, Hekmat started her work in art from theatre in the early 1970s. She was first cast in a movie in 1974.

She is known for her roles in movies ‘Swan Song’ (2000), ‘O Iran’ (1990), ‘Courtship’ (1989), ‘Big Forest’ (1985) and ‘The Barbed Wire’ (1981).

She played roles in TV series ‘From House to House’, ‘Distance’, ‘Apartment’, and ‘The First Man’.