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War Portrayal on Stage

War Portrayal on StageWar Portrayal on Stage

A play, titled ‘Leili is the Name of All Iranian Girls’, written and directed by Amir Mohandesian is underway at Baran Theatre Hall in Tehran.

It casts a different look on the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war from the point of view of a narrator who belongs to the post-war generation, Honaronline quoted Mohandesian as saying.

The story unravels in a remote town in Khuzestan Province during the eight-year imposed military conflict, where four soldiers are undergoing passing their mandatory military service. One day, the wind drags a women’s blouse from nowhere to where they are. It reminds each soldier of different Iranian girls, women and mothers, driving them to a fight to obtain the piece of clothing.

“The story seeks to convey the message that peace can prevail over war if love spreads,” said Mohandesian.

In his opinion, there is a contradiction in the work. Although the name of the play includes ‘all Iranian girls’ there is no actress in the performanceand the four actors have to convey the rather womanly message, which makes the task rather difficult.

The play starts in a realistic setting and atmosphere, comes to the middle of the plot with a comic language and is concluded with a tragedy.

The cast includes KavehEbrahim, AlirezaJafari, Fardin Shah-Hosseini and HadiAhmadi.

The 80-minute play will be on stage through April 29 at the venue, located at No. 292, Felestin Avenue.