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No Funny Cartoons

No Funny CartoonsNo Funny Cartoons

About 50 countries are participating in the International Gaza Cartoon and Caricature Contest 2014 which is underway in Tehran.

Close to 440 artists from around the world have submitted 1100 works, MNA quoted secretary of the contest Masoud Shojaee-Tabatabaee as saying.

The cartoons are mainly on the issue of Gaza and the mass murders happening there amidst “the silence of most of the world nations.” The works are not funny at all; instead they make the viewers reflect upon the ongoing happenings in the world more seriously.

Organized by the Association of Visual Arts of Revolution & Holy Defense, the competition aims to spread the culture of resistance and values of the Islamic Revolution and sacred defense.

 Art in Resistance

Displaying the great visual artworks and the latest creations of contemporary Iranian and foreign artists on the theme of resistance and stability, the event emphasizes the culture of resistance in contemporary art.

Creating a platform for discussion on active and creative art in culture and the art of resistance in Iran and Islamic nations, are among the other goals of the competition.

The works will be available online on the websites of Iranian House of Cartoon ( and the International Arts Festival of Resistance ( An exhibition to showcase the works will also open to the public on November 10, at Tehran’s Andisheh Cultural Center.