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Life, Death and Matryoshkas

Life, Death and Matryoshkas Life, Death and Matryoshkas

Farzaneh Mehri will be launching her sixth solo exhibition on November 7 at Mehrva Art Gallery in Tehran.  Mehri will be presenting her work in the form of an installation titled ‘What I Was, What I Am, What I Will Be’.  

The artist has tried to present a simple yet holistic view towards life at three different levels. The installation tries to communicate in a simple way with the viewers the three stages in life: birth, life, and death, ISNA reports.  

According to the artist, the cycle of life has always carried several mysteries and aroused several questions among humankind. “Birth and death is for everyone. This installation invites viewers to review their journey from the start up to the present time and to think and assess for themselves as to where in the path of life they stand.”

The artist has used different materials such as Styrofoam to create the three structures, which are large but not too heavy.


The structures are inspired by Russian matryoshkas (nesting dolls or babushka dolls). “Both my grandmothers were immigrants, and I have always had an affinity for Russian culture and the matryoshkas.” The artist has frequently drawn on Russian symbols and matryoshkas in her previous artistic creations as well.

“These dolls can be a symbol of humankind in general: people who have a million hidden faces which others are completely unaware of,” Mehri stated.   

The artist is a self-taught sculptor and has had 5 solo exhibitions so far. This is her first attempt at installation.

The exhibition is open till November 12 from 5 - 9 pm, except on Thursdays. Mehrva Art Gallery is located at no. 38, South Aban Street (Shahid Azodi), Karimkhan Zand Avenue, Tehran.