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Two Films in Moscow Charity Festival

Two Films in Moscow Charity FestivalTwo Films in Moscow Charity Festival

The 11th International Charity Festival ‘Radiant Angel’ featuring two Iranian movies opened in Moscow on November 1.

Iranian films ‘All Alone’ directed by Ehsan Abdipour and ‘Endless Road’ directed by Reza Sobhani have been admitted to the festival, IRNA reported.

‘All Alone’ is a movie about an Iranian boy who becomes friends with a Russian boy whose father works at the Bushehr nuclear power plant; a friendship that is in limbo every time the boys hear news of new sanctions on Iran or rumors of the Bushehr nuclear power plant “getting closed down.” This reaches a point where the Iranian boy plans to go all the way to the United Nations and “ask world leaders to keep the plant open so he can keep his new friend.”

‘Endless Road’ is a social drama based on an environmental issue. Neda, head of environment in Semnan Province, finds out that the plan for the road construction through the jungle deviates from the original proposal. So she decides to prevent the execution of the new plan.

The event was inaugurated with a message from Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church.

 Crucial Role

Referring to the increasing significance of cinema in the current era, the message said the status of cinema ‘is improving at a time when the importance of other arts has declined.”

Cinema plays a crucial role in nurturing the young generation and that’s why filmmakers and directors shoulder a major responsibility, he said.

The annual film festival seeks to initiate and support the process of creating, producing and releasing spiritual and moral films.

A total of 144 films from 26 countries including Iran, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden and Belarus are participating in the ongoing festival which ends on November 7.