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Abbas ibn Ali’s Biography in English

Abbas ibn Ali’s Biography in EnglishAbbas ibn Ali’s Biography in English

A book on the life of Hazrat Abbas (AS) has been published in English by the Peer Ebrahim Trust. The book sketches the epic story of a small loyal group of 72 family members and companions led by Imam Hussein (AS) who faced the enemy forces in their thousands on the historic plains of Karbala, IRNA reported.

The 68-page book tells the story of Hazrat Abbas in the Battle of Karbala. Guarding Imam, protecting the tents of the womenfolk of the Prophet’s household, caring for the children and making a sacrifice to bring water to the thirsty camp of Imam Hussein (AS), which led to his heroic martyrdom, were among the most beautiful and epical manifestations of his life in Karbala.

Abbas ibn Ali (AS) was the son of Imam Ali (AS). He is revered by Shia Muslims for his loyalty to his half-brother Imam Hussein, his respect for the Ahl al-Bayt, and his role in the Battle of Karbala. He is buried in the Al-Abbas Mosque in Karbala, Iraq where he was martyred.

He has been given different titles. Qamar-e-Banihashem (The Moon of Banihashem’s Progeny) is his most famous nickname as his good looking face resembled the moon. Saqqa (The One Who Brings Water) is another famous title by which he is known since he was bringing water to the Imam’s camp and quenching the thirst of the children.

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