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‘The Evening of Ashura’ Installed in Imam Hussein (AS) Square

‘The Evening of Ashura’ Installed in Imam Hussein (AS) Square‘The Evening of Ashura’ Installed in Imam Hussein (AS) Square

‘The Evening of Ashura’, a sculpture inspired by Mahmoud Farshchian’s famous miniature painting with the same title was installed and unveiled in Imam Hussein (AS) Square in Tehran on Tasu’a, (Monday) the 9th day of Muharram.

Siyavash Salimi, the 73-year-old creator of the piece, worked on the sculpture for 15 months and made it completely from bronze, IRNA reports.

On his latest art work, Salimi said making this sculpture was his “long-sought dream which now has come true.” He explained that his piece is inspired by maestro Farshchian’s painting.

The 35 square meter sculpture contains two palm trees; the trees are 4 meters high and 30 centimeters wide. To precisely depict the palms, Salimi brought a real palm from Kerman to Tehran to copy the features.

 Massive Scale

A wide 3-meter tent is also seen in the piece and a horse close by the tent around which some women and children are gathered. Salimi noted that he put more effort to portray the details of the figures, even more elaborate than the painting. No such art work in this scale has ever made in Iran.

The sculpture, which weighs over 3.5 tons, has been installed on the northern side of Imam Hussein (A.S.) Square and in front of Imam Hussein (A.S.) Mosque.

Salimi voiced concerns about the maintenance of the art piece considering “it’s made of bronze and the cold and wet climate in fall and winter could cause it damage” and hoped that officials at the Organization of Tehran Beautification fulfill their promise to build a covered space for the sculpture.