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2 Quaris to Compete in Amman

2 Quaris to Compete in Amman2 Quaris to Compete in Amman

Sama Babai, a visually-impaired memorizer of the entire Qur’an, will compete from Iran at the 11th edition of Jordan’s international Quran competition.

Babai stood first in Iran’s 38th National Qur’an Memorization Contest last year. Shewill leave for Amman,the Jordanian capital, on April 9, IQNA reported.

Organized by the Ministry of Awqaf Islamic Affairs and Holy Places of Jordan, the event is held annually with the participation of Qur’an memorizers and reciters (Qaris) from different countries.

The women’s category of this year’s edition will be held April 9-14 while men are scheduled to start their competition on June 25.

Mahmoud Babakhan will be Iran’s representative in the men’s category. He has memorized 20 juz’es (parts) of the holy book and will compete in the relevant section.

Last year, Iran’s Hajar Mehralian came 5th in the memorization of the entire Qur’an for women’s category during the 10th edition.