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Derambakhsh’s Series for Charity Show

Derambakhsh’s Series for Charity Show Derambakhsh’s Series for Charity Show

Veteran Iranian cartoonist and illustrator Kambiz Derambakhsh is planning to feature a series of his works in a charity exhibition at Tehran Seyhoun Gallery.

A selection of 12 lithography paintings will be put on display at the gallery. Besides, a big Persian calendar, designed by the artist will be unveiled at the show, Honaronline reported.

“All the items, acrylic on canvas, have earlier gone on the walls at the gallery, but they could still be attractive for the visitors who had not made it to the show last time,” said the artist.

Two series of postcards and calendars are also in the works by the celebrated illustrator that is now in the completion phase. In addition, a new caricature collection, thematizing Norouz (Persian New Year) is also in progress, “which will be put on show together with two other collections later,” he added.

All the exhibition’s proceeds will go to the Behnam Daheshpour charity organization, which is the co-organizer of the event.

The exhibit will open on April 8 at the gallery located at No. 11, 4th Alley, Vozara St., Tehran.

Born in Shiraz, Derambakhsh, 73, is known for his talent to find obscure themes for his creations.

He has received many awards in international contests, namely the grand prize of Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun competition in 1998. He was awarded in international contests in Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, Yugoslavia and Italy, and honored at the 25th edition of the Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition in Istanbul in 2008. He has also been called upon to judge many contests across continents.

The works of the prolific artist have been exhibited in numerous galleries and accredited museums in many different countries, such as Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, Basel Museum of Caricatures, Hiroshima Museum of Japan, Anti-War Museum of Yugoslavia, Istanbul Museum of Cartoons and the Warsaw Museum of Caricatures. His works were also showcased at the Modern Art Museum and the Nicolas Flamel Gallery in France as well as the Frankfurt Municipality Hall in Germany.