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Musician Javad Lashgari Passes Away

Musician Javad Lashgari Passes AwayMusician Javad Lashgari Passes Away

Iranian veteran composer and violist, Javad Lashgari passed away on Tuesday (April 5) at his home in Tehran due to cardiac arrest. He was 93.

Born in a family of musicians in Tehran in 1923, Lashgari learned music from Masters Abolhasan Saba and Mehdi Khaledi, after graduating from Darlfonon Academy in 1946, Mehr News Agency reported.

He started performing as a member of Radio Tehran Orchestra in 1953, and after a while, he began his carrier as the leader of orchestra. Lashgari was the orchestra conductor until 1956.

Lashgari composed more than 350 songs during his tenure many of which, among the best in Iranian music, have been sung by the prominent singers of his time. In recent years, traditional singers like Alireza Eftekhari have reperformed a selection of his compositions.

Master Lashgari was also a classical Persian vocalist in his own innovative style and performed many songs with his warm and captivating voice.

He also trained many students who studied and learned music from him and became famous musician in their own right. Lashgari made a great contribution to the rich Persian music heritage.

His funeral procession will start from Vahdat Hall, in central Tehran on April 7 and his body will be laid to rest in the special artists section of Behesht-e-Zahra Cemetery south of the capital.