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FIFF Announces Line-Up

FIFF Announces Line-UpFIFF Announces Line-Up

The 34th Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) has released the list of foreign films partaking in different sections of the event.

According to a press release from the public relations office of the festival, 15 feature films will vie in the International Competition Section (Cinema Salvation), comprising 12 foreign and three Iranian movies.

The foreign competitors include, ‘1944’ (Estonia, Finland), ‘Amama When a Tree Falls’ (Spain), ‘Dawn’ (Latvia, Poland, Estonia), ‘I’m a Teacher’ (Russia), ‘El Clasico’ (Iraq), ‘Rams’ (Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Poland), ‘Frenzy’ (Turkey), ‘The Treasure’ (Romania, France), ‘Walking Distance’ (Mexico), ‘Song of Songs’ (Ukraine), ‘Norfolk’ (UK) and ‘Guarani’ (Paraguay, Argentina).

In this section, six awards for best film, best director, best screenplay, best actor and best actress, and special jury award will be presented. The Iranian films will be announced later.

In Panorama of Films from Asian & Islamic Countries section (Eastern Vista)15 works will compete. Similar to the International Competition section, 3 films from Iran and 12 from other countries are the 15 contenders.

The foreign entries include: ‘Solomon’ (Georgia), ‘My Sister, the Pig Lady’ (South Korea), ‘What a Wonderful Family’ (Japan), ‘Walnut Tree’ (Kazakhstan), ‘Zinna Flower’ (Taiwan), ‘Stranger’ (Kazakhstan), ‘3000 Nights’ (Palestine, France, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE), ‘Habib Al-Ard’ (Kuwait), ‘Madame Courage’ (Algeria, France), ‘The New Classmate’ (India), ‘Bloody January’ (Azerbaijan) and ‘Martyr’ (Iraq).

Names of the Iranian films were not known. The section will grant one award to the best film.

 Special for Documentaries

In the Festival of Festivals (a non-competitive section) the following 10 films will be screened, ‘The Assassin’ (Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, France), ‘An’ (Japan), ‘The Visitor’ (Turkey), ‘Paths of the Soul’ (China), ‘The Magic Mountain’ (Romania, France, Poland), ‘Mountains May Depart’ (China), ‘Lamb’ (France, Germany, Norway, Qatar, Ethiopia), ‘My Mother’ (Italy), ‘Mahana’ (New Zealand), ‘Epitaph’ (Mexico)

Due to the high quality of the documentaries submitted to the festival secretariat, the Special Screenings section will only show documentaries, nine foreign and five from Iran.

The foreign documentaries include, ‘Love Marriage in Kabul’ (Australia), ‘Deadlock’ (Armenia), ‘Roshmia’ (Palestine), ‘JiaZhangke: A Guy from Fenyang’ (Brazil), ‘Francofonia’ (France, Germany, the Netherlands), ‘Film Adventurer KarelZeman’ (Czech Republic), ‘Imaginary Border’ (Austria), ‘Landfill Harmonic’ (the US, Paraguay) and ‘Ice & the Sky’ (France). The Iranian films will be added later.

The Retrospective section of this year’s edition is dedicated to French Cinema, where six film will be shown including, ‘Anton Chekhov – 1890’, ‘The Fear’, ‘Rabid Dogs’, ‘The Little Prince’, ‘The Measure of a Man’ and ‘The Clear Stream Affaire’.

The 34th FIFFis slated for April 20-25 atCharsou Cineplex, downtown Tehran. Celebrated Iranian filmmaker Reza Mirkarimi is secretary of the event which is organized independently from the national section of Fajr Film festival (held in February) for the second year.