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Architecture Show in Cuba

Architecture Show in CubaArchitecture Show in Cuba

In ancient civilizations, architecture was known as “the mother of all the arts.” That is the starting point as well as the title of an exhibition in Cuba.

Curated by Nelson Herrera Ysla, the exhibit investigates the architecture in contemporary Cuban art, reported.

As interpreted by more than 50 artists, the manifestations range from the smallest detail -baseboards, doorways and bricks - to entire buildings, including homes, factories, schools and hotels.

The participating artists reflect a range of generations, from young talented architects to veteran professionals. The works on view reflect a variety of perspectives: ironic, critical, nostalgic, humorous, and more.

The show also reflects the ways in which architecture has become an arena for reflection and debate on the socioeconomic shifts of recent years.

The works are on view at the Wifredo Lam Center through May 7.