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Rastak Will Perform in Belgium

Rastak Will Perform in Belgium
Rastak Will Perform in Belgium

After a successful performance in the 31st Fajr International Music Festival in February, Rastak folk music group will have its first performance in the Persian New Year (started March 20) in Brussels, Belgium.

The event will be held at the Henry Le Boeuf Hall of Bozar, a center for fine arts in Brussels, April 13-16, Honaronline reported.

This is the band’s first appearance as guest of Bozar, offering the Belgians an enjoyable immersion in Persian culture.

Founded in 1997 in Tehran, the popular music group is focused on collecting, safeguarding  and interpreting the musical heritage of different regions of Iran. The virtuosity of the performers and the variety of instruments bring together a joyful blend of rhythms and melodies.

The band has so far taken its energetic brand of Iranian folk music to some of the world’s leading venues including London’s Barbican. Rastak’s tours in recent years have included Australia, Europe, and Canada.

Siamak Sepehri is the leader and tar player in the band which includes Iranian instruments such as oud, setar, tanbur, daf, dayereh, doneli, ney, sorna, qanun, dohol, tombak, gheychak and kamancheh.