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Artworks Adorn Tehran

Artworks Adorn Tehran Artworks Adorn Tehran

Tehran is currently host to the art project ‘Baharestan’, literally meaning place of spring, in which over 500 temporary works of art are placed at different sites of the capital to give a fresh look to the face of the city for the spring and Norouz, the Persian New Year (started  March 20).

Creating temporary artworks in a big city to curb the weariness of daily life and bring a breath of fresh air to the citizens is one of the characteristics of urban art in today’s world and the project seeks to help spread joy through Tehran and bring happiness to the residents and visitors even though for a short time, Honaronline reported.

A total of 486 artists have created paintings, sculptures, murals and graphic and environmental artworks for the event organized by Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO). The works are on display until April 19.

The TBO has also invited all the people to take photos of or with the artworks and partake in a photography competition. The contest is held in two categories of selfie (public) and professional and the participants can send their photos to until April 13. Three winning works in each section will be awarded and exhibited in May.