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Art Inspired by People

Art Inspired by PeopleArt Inspired by People

People can be the source of inspiration for art, with their appearance, the way they look, what they wear and their demeanor. This is the theme of the artworks on show at Aun Gallery in Tehran.

The collection of 19 figurative paintings, titled ‘Unseen’ by young artist Shahrzad Monem, is a follow up of her earlier series, on which she started work in 2008, Honaronline reported.

The creative process starts by taking photos of people, mostly the youth. Her friends and people close to her are often the subjects, since subconsciously, “I am drawn to people in the same age group as myself, with whom I identify,” Monem said.

The photos are mostly taken at a special angle, “with heads magnified showing a sort of deformation with the process continuing to narrowing the legs to complete the picture.”

An ordinary group of people, unseen in everyday life, is her inspiration. The photos are minimal.

“Through my art I am showing the viewer the depths of my inner self, the impressions I have of the people, as unconsciously absorbed in my mind.”

She said she would take a break from paintings for a while, at least on the themes she has worked so far. “I will wait for new ideas.”

This is Monem’s fourth solo exhibition. She holds a bachelor’s degree in painting from Tehran University of Art.

The ‘Unseen’ is on view until April 3 at the venue, located at No. 40, Seoul Ave., Vanak neighborhood, Tehran.